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A Photo a Week Challenge: Sunshine - It has been a while since I have participated in any of the challenges in this blogosphere. Every time I see an interesting challenge, I think to myself that I should participate! That’s when my everlasting procrastination takes over and before I know it the challenge has passed, and new ones take over! And it … Continue reading A Photo a Week Challenge: Sunshine
Top 10 Indie Books for Indie April! - Of late I have been spending a lot of time on Twitter. No, no, I am not wasting my time reading tweets with infuriating tags like “Women Are Trash” and bashing every single one of them for posting such nonsense (although, I wish I could do that!!). Indeed, over the past week, I have gained … Continue reading Top 10 Indie Books for Indie April!
Getting to Work! - I was recently tagged on Facebook by my friend Piyusha Vir for the #GettingToEqual challenge. This hashtag, an endeavor by Accenture India and Women’s Web, encouraged women to share their stories on how and why they work, be it their success stories, or how they got to work. The idea is to share as many stories as possible to … Continue reading Getting to Work!
My Life My Way! - All the World is my home Yet, I feel free in the wild the calming voice of the river that flows the soulful chirping of the birds they take me into a trance, into a World where I belong! This is me, this is my life my way In a world where I flow freely … Continue reading My Life My Way!

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