Lunch with Rashmi…

The idea of meeting a blogger friend in real is exciting, even more so when she happens to be one of your favorite bloggers!
Diane of ladieswholunchreviews happened to be vacationing in Virginia Beach, so we used the opportunity to meet for lunch in Richmond! We had a wonderful lunch talking about everything especially blogging. Read about it in Diane’s post!
I hope I get to meet more of my blogging friends in future! ๐Ÿ™‚


I had the pleasure of an out of town ladies lunch last week while on vacation in Virginia. ย Rashmi from Mind and Life Matters lives in northern Virginia and has a wonderful blog where she shares her stories โ€” and hosts the weekly Limerick Poetry Challenge. ย My family had flown into Virginia Beach to visit with my sister and her family. ย And Rashmi and I decided the chance to meet in person was too good of an opportunity to waste!

20160709_133203Since I didnโ€™t have a car there, my sis drove me up to Richmond and Rashmi drove down to meet us at Bakerโ€™s Crust, a cute little eatery.

It was so good to finally meet and we made sure it was a working lunch by discussing blogging ideas so that we could deduct our mileage! ย (Unless, of course, thatโ€™s not legal, in which case we wouldnโ€™t dream of it :D)

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