In Stars

I was introduced to Poet Girl Emily’s blog by my dear friend, Meg! Ever since I am a fan of her brilliant poetry. A few weeks ago, I made a request for a poem and Emily graciously accepted.
I am a big fan of space and anything space related, so I gave her the prompt “Galaxy” along with my request. Guess what? She is a huge space lover herself. She churned out this wonderful poem based on my prompt!
Check it out folks! Comments are disabled here, please visit the poet’s blog and leave her a comment. Thank you!

Poet Girl Em

Swirling distant
we stare with insistence
of knowing our purpose
upon earth’s crust
beyond stratospheric limits
universe persists
in birthing new versions of home
perfect combination
of elements yet to be found
to replicate our host,
this colorful marble of life
one of innumerable planets
circling galaxies of light

Our Milky Way, often ignored,
continues its spin
humans oblivious
to the black hole within
or that Andromeda
will someday collide at our side
merging with us
in one gigantic galactic surprise
who knows what will be brought to life
a celestial brew
of stardust and destruction
to give rise to a new whirlpool behemoth

To be a Starwoman or man,
on a rocket ship safe
to spy on creation
in beautiful unruly space
to chart the new map,
to explore the new worlds
we can only imagine that day, if humans exist…
but for now let our eyes wander

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