Top 10 Things Every Parent Should Teach Their Boys!

I almost gave up on posting the Top 10 feature this week because I was unable to come up with a Top 10 list that felt worthy of being published. I do not like posting something just for the sake of posting or meeting my weekly goal of posting a Top 10 List. I prefer to post only when I feel something deserves to be written and read.

Every time I find myself in distress, my dad and mom always come to my rescue. This time they rescued me when they decided to address me about all the things I should teach my little boy (now that he is starting to grow up!). Although, I felt like they were lecturing me down, I quickly realized that everything they had to say were valuable pearls of wisdom. Strike 1 for my parents, for being able to inspire this post on a particularly insipid day!

So, after listening to them for almost an hour, here’s what I learned and will be striving to achieve with my young fella! Heads up to my boy: there’s a storm heading your way, buddy! 😀

  1. The Kitchen is Not Just for Girls!

kitchen gif.gif

There is no place that should be deemed as just for girls or just for boys. By learning to use the kitchen (i.e. by learning to cook and do dishes) you are not doing anyone but yourself a favor! Remember that!

  1. Grooming is for Everyone!


It’s important to carry yourself well. Shower every day, keep your nails trim, use a deodorant and groom yourself! It matters not just to you but everyone around you!

  1. Every Job is Important – Not Just Yours!


It is easy to think that only your job is hard and time consuming. News Flash – that’s not true! Every job is important because it takes time and effort from the person doing it. Be it a successful CEO, a stay at home mom or a student intern.

  1. Never Use the Fist to Solve a Problem!


No – it is not ‘manly’ to solve a problem using your fists. It is more ‘gentlemanly’ to use your brain and the compassion in your mind to solve problems!

  1. Fearlessly Be Yourself!


It’s easy to want to change to impress that girl or to be friends with that popular boy. But it’s way cooler to be yourself!

  1. Men = Women = Humans!


It does not make a difference if you are a man and she is a woman. We are all Humans first. Never think one is superior to the other.

  1. Be Respectful and Courteous!


There is nothing more ‘Gentlemanly’ than being respectful and courteous to everyone. At the same time, learn to respect yourself.

  1. It’s Not All about the Looks!


Girls are much more than their physical self. Learn to see the inner beauty of the girl you are with. Appreciate their intelligence, not just their beauty.

  1. Disciplined and Organized = Cool!


There is nothing cool about unorganized and undisciplined ways. On the contrary, being organized and disciplined adds to your personality and your charms!

  1. Don’t be afraid to be Vulnerable!


It’s totally fine to be vulnerable when you feel like the world is weighing in on you! Don’t be afraid to accept that. Talk to the ones you are close to when you feel vulnerable; it’s the best thing you can do for yourself!

I will try my best to instill these values on my son and I hope these lessons help him in his life’s journey. What would you like to add to this list? Let me know in the comments.

Image Source: Pinterest, Giphy, Lifehack

53 thoughts on “Top 10 Things Every Parent Should Teach Their Boys!

  1. Yes that’s right. I’ll use myself as an example. I used to get bullied at the park. This cat named Jeff would always bother me. I would tell him to leave me alone. Well he never listened. One day I was fed up with Jeff messing with me and I punched him in the face. Never bothered me after that.

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  2. Good list. However I will say about fights that sometimes you have to fight for someone weaker than you. You have to be a better man and walk away but sometimes you have to display toughness and say enough is enough. Fighting should be a last option

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