Coffee Date With My Dad!


My answer to the question “Who is your role model?” has always been “My Dad!” Not because he is successful or because he is a well read, well-travelled man. It is because he is someone who never gives up, he never quits! My dad has seen his fair share of troubles and failures, but through it all, one thing has remained intact and that is his unfaltering courage. His determination to keep trying and to never give up until he gets what he wants. That is something I have always admired about him!

I have been my daddy’s little princess always and even now continue to be his little girl. Of course my son has long surpassed me in the number one spot in his list of favorite people, but I still continue to hold a very special place! 😉

So when I was in a phase where I needed good old daddy-daughter time, I knew it was time for a coffee date with my old man! As I was getting ready to go, I thought of all the questions I had for him, he probably already knew what I was going to ask him!

I walked into the café and sat down in a place with the best view possible, I know how much you enjoy a good view. I ordered myself a hazelnut coffee my favorite, of course! Then I start thinking!

If we were having coffee right now, dear Dad, I would start with “Hey Dad, I am so glad we are finally getting our coffee date!” to which you did reply “I am sure my dear! Now shoot!”

Me: “Shoot!? How do you know that I have questions for you?”

Dad: “Well, for starters…you are sitting here with me! If all you wanted was to talk, you would be here with your mom!”

Me: “Dad….that’s not fair!!”

Dad laughs, enjoys his own joke, and thinks it is really funny! I wait for him to finish enjoying his little joke!

Dad: “So tell me my dear, how can I be of service?”

Me: “Dad, I am so tired, I just don’t feel like fighting anymore?”

Dad: “Hmmm….you do look tired! OK, Let me ask you this, did you ever stop believing in yourself?”

Me: “I have to be honest and say that there were times when my faith did falter, but I never stopped believing, just like you, Daddy!”

Dad: “Looks like you have not given yourself any reason to feel tired then!”

Me: “No reason to be tired? What about all those adversities in my life?”

Dad: “Why do you call them adversities?”

Me: “Because it was so difficult, I felt like I was being tested all along, I could not handle most of them?”

Dad: “Yet, here you are, sitting with me, hale and hearty!”

Me: “Yes, but I am trying too hard to keep up! I can’t handle it anymore”

Dad: “What do you mean trying to keep up?”

Me: “I am so tired, daddy, I can’t take it anymore, I feel like….”

Dad: “Go on…complete the sentence!”

Me: “I feel like I am….. Broken!”

He gets up, picks up the glass from the table and drops it to the floor. The glass hits the floor and shatters into a million pieces.

He looks at me and says “Now, THAT is broken! You, my dear, are still very much intact! Be thankful for that and continue doing what you are doing!”


The sound of breaking glass brings me back from my day dreaming! I look around at the empty cafe and see the attendant picking up the broken glass pieces from behind the counter. I get up, pay for the beverage and leave.

As soon as I reach home, I pick up the phone and dial. The phone rings and is picked up on the third ring, I say:

“Dad, You are the Best! Thank you so much! You did it again!”

Dad laughs and says “Your welcome, love!”

I hear my mom in the background asking him what that was about?? 😀

32 thoughts on “Coffee Date With My Dad!

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  2. How cool is it that you can be so close to someone that you know the words they will say to encourage you when they’re not even there! And for them to know you so well that they sense exactly what you need from them at that moment! I loved my father very much and miss him terribly but I can still imagine what he’d say to me if I could talk to him now! Absolutely wonderful post!

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    • Thank you, Meg! Trsut you to always catch the meanings behind my every post!
      That’s exactly the intention of this post, to say how we can love and trust someone so much that we and they know exactly what to say when!
      I am so glad that you had a wonderful relationship with your dad, and continue to do so even when he is not physically here! 🙂

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