Rest On, Little Angel!

It’s a gory image, but I will post all the same. I have tears streaming down my face and a lump in my throat!



You didn’t have to die like this.
You didn’t have to end like this.
You were supposed to blossom into a promising adult.
The choice your parents made was to embark on this dangerous journey,

To give you a peaceful life

Or stay in Syria and, still get shot down.
You see either ways, a risk had to be taken.
I am sorry little one; it ended for you like this.
Now you are at peace,

Free from this catastrophe called life.
You are no longer a victim.
Rest on little angel!
For every child affected by war,

May the hands of GOD protect and shield you!

23 thoughts on “Rest On, Little Angel!

  1. I want many things in life: bigger house, better career, lux handbag…. But when read stories like this, I feel so grateful. At lease I have a safe place to build a family…
    Hope we all live with gratitude.
    Hope this little boy went to a happy place.

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