Rest On, Little Angel!

It’s a gory image, but I will post all the same. I have tears streaming down my face and a lump in my throat!



You didn’t have to die like this.
You didn’t have to end like this.
You were supposed to blossom into a promising adult.
The choice your parents made was to embark on this dangerous journey,

To give you a peaceful life

Or stay in Syria and, still get shot down.
You see either ways, a risk had to be taken.
I am sorry little one; it ended for you like this.
Now you are at peace,

Free from this catastrophe called life.
You are no longer a victim.
Rest on little angel!
For every child affected by war,

May the hands of GOD protect and shield you!

23 thoughts on “Rest On, Little Angel!

  1. The image of the small boy – felt my heart ripping apart. Where is our humanity heading?
    And the way you have written, truly brought tears to my eyes – gave me a choking sensation.

    May his soul rest in peace.

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  2. I want many things in life: bigger house, better career, lux handbag…. But when read stories like this, I feel so grateful. At lease I have a safe place to build a family…
    Hope we all live with gratitude.
    Hope this little boy went to a happy place.

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  3. I see the face of my son in every little boy and girl. How can people abuse, neglect and murder children!? It broke my heart when I read about this little boy from Syria (Aylan Kudri) who drowned along with his 5 year old brother, and mother while trying to escape from Syria to find a safer solace in Greece!

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